How to Find a Self-assessment Tax Return Accountant in Crawley

February 16th, 2021

Every self-employed employee including prestigious position holders such as a director of a limited company needs to complete and submit an HMRC tax return if a tax amount is due.  Failing to do this can prove costly. Finding the right accountant for self-assessment tax accountancy in Crawley is crucial to keep the tax process simple.

To be more specific, completing your tax return online is mandatory if you belong to one of the following categories:

  • Sole trader whose income has crossed £1,000 in the tax year

  • Involved in a business partnership program

  • Get rental income

  • Enjoy income from savings, dividends and investments

  • Looking for certain tax reliefs

  • Are on child benefit program

  • Your or your partner’s income is over £50,000

  • Have sold properties or shares

  • PAYE income has exceeded £100K

Generally speaking, if your tax affairs are straightforward as an employed or retired ex-employee – such as your income source is from your job or pension – you may not need to register for self-assessment.

How to find an accountant for self-assessment

People who do not feel confident enough to do their paperwork independently or whose tax situation is especially complex, prefer an accountant to complete the tax filing process.

So how do you go about finding one?

  • The simplest method is asking for a referral from friends, relatives or colleagues.

  • A simple Google search is another great option to access a long list of names of many accountancy agencies to keep your self-assessment tax accountancy in Crawley hassle-free. These may prove affordable but may not offer the level of expertise as professionally accredited accountants.

If your tax affairs are particularly complicated, these may prove completely fruitless. It’s the best to work with an accountant who is experienced in handling the specific issues that you face. Look for accountants who have already worked with people from your industry.

How much will an accountant cost?

The cost of an accountancy service entirely depends on the complexity of the service you require. Starting from £100 for basic services, the payment can reach up to £300.

Discuss with the accountant prior to signing up to any business deal to check if any extra charges are levied on you, such as advice on claiming expenses.

Once you have finalised an accountant, he/she will act on your behalf. The accountant will also fill in form 64-8 with HMRC to keep the tax process simplified.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the deadline for a self-assessment tax return is 31st January. Therefore you should try to forward your accounts information to your accountant before the last date. The best help the financial expert can enjoy from you is sharing your tax details ahead of the date. This helps you to save the £100 fine for missing the date.

At Stewart Harper Accountants, we understand that it’s tough to tackle the entire business process and also file for self-assessment tax accountancy in Crawley.

The last thing that often comes to mind is how to submit a tax return. Even if you do it yourself, getting it wrong will only worsen the situation. Why not consult the professionals of Stewart Harper Accountants?

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